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Computer FAQ's

Microsoft Technical Support
Support Wizard, Knowledge Base, FAQ's for Microsoft's products.
Netscape Unofficial FAQ
As a purely volunteer effort, The Netscape Champions Team has put together a loosely edited list of Frequently Asked Questions that have been posted and answered in Netscape discussion groups.
Tom's Hardware Guide
This Page is designed to help and explain all the important hardware aspects of a modern Pentium/Pentium Pro machine. It should be helpful to beginners as well as to experienced computer users to make you able to understand how your computer works and how you can increase its performance.
Windows Annoyances
Contains a list of annoying "features" and work around for most of them.
The PC Guide
Detailed PC Reference Information
A world of premium information for Windows users! WinPlanet gives you all the 32-bit Windows features, reviews, software, tips and fun you can handle!
Computer Incident Advisory Capability
Keeps you up to date on Internet Hoaxes and Viruses.
Cookie Central
Comprehensive resource on Internet cookies, including what they are, how to block or stop them.
Understanding Virus Risks
By definition a virus replicates itself and is capable of causing harm to the computer, or files and programs.

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Modems FAQ's

The ultimate resource for Dialup Technical Support.
This site is a free resource site for users, ranging from beginners to advanced users.
56k Modem Drivers, Information and Troubleshooting
56K.COM: Analog, Cable, DSL, Wireless, ISDN and Satellite.

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