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Usage Policy

Usage Policy

Mercury Network Corporation's dial-up accounts are offered as access to a shared resources. Dial-up internet accounts are for intermittent personal or business use and is not meant for a dedicated full time or unattended internet connection. Mercury Network Corporation does not meter usage of shared resources such as dial-up lines and modem connections for accounting purposes. However, customers agree not to use shared resources to such a degree that such use adversely impacts the availability of the network for other Customers. Your account may NOT be transferred, resold or used by anyone other than the Customer or the Customer's immediate family (living in the same household). In addition the Customer is limited to one login per system account at any one time.


Dial-up Internet Access:
An account used by one Customer from a single computer at a time. The dial-up account is used by the Customer to connect to Mercury Network Corporation network from time to time and engage in normal Internet or World Wide Web activities as desired, after which time the Customer is expected to disconnect. Dial-up accounts are subject to the terms and conditions of our Usage Policy and Customer Agreement.

Dedicated Internet Access:
A dedicated access account is a single channel/modem dedicated to a customer and is not shared with any other customers, and no idle time or continuous connection restrictions apply. Dedicated Internet accounts are subject to the terms and conditions of our Customer Agreement.

What is Excessive Usage?

Excessive Usage is when a single account monopolizes a channel/modem to a point to where it has no practical use as a shared resource.

Mercury Network Corporation reserves the right to suspend accounts for excessive usage. Accounts suspended for excessive usage may be required to purchase dedicated access before having their account reinstated.


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