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Mercury Network Corporation
Classified Ads

Thank You for using Mercury Network Corporation's Internet Classifieds.

To submit your Ad simply fill in the form below and then press the Submit Ad button when you are done. Once submitted, your ad will be listed with the next classified ads update. Ads are updated daily, run for 90 days or until the item is sold.

Word ad's are FREE to LCO Dialup & Email Only Customers. LCO Dialup & Email Only Customers can also included a picture for your ad for only $5.00 (per picture). Pictures should be in the .jpg or .gif format and emailed to

Rates (For Non LCO Customers):
Up to 350 characters:
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Include Picture:
   $6.00 per ad, per category (90 day listing)
$9.00 per ad, per category (90 day listing)
$10.00 for 1st photo ($5.00 per additional photo). (JPG or GIF Format).
Pictures should be sent to

Please pay for your Ad by mailing a check or money order to Mercury Network Corporation for the total amount due. Include a copy of your ad and contact phone number with payment. Payment is due prior to ad being posted.

Mercury Network Corporation
Attn: Classified Ads
PO Box 278
Boydton, VA 23917

Select The Appropriate Ad Category Where You Want Your Ad To Appear

Animals, Farm, Pets, etc...
SPCA Lost/Found Animals
Antiques and Collectibles
Automobiles, Trucks, Vans, etc...
Boats, RV, Motors, Campers, Trailers, etc...
Building Contractors, Carpenters, Plumbers, Painters, Electricians, Etc...
Business Services Advertising
Carpool / Share-A-Ride
Computers, Computer Hardware
Farming Equipment, Tractors, etc...
Farming Supplies, Hay, Feed, etc...
Free, Give Away's
Home/Business Furniture
Help Wanted / Seeking Employment
Homes, Land for Sale/Rent
Lawn and Garden
Locally Grown Fresh Farm Produce
Local Fund Raisers
Looking to Buy
Miscellaneous Items
Recreational Activities
Sporting/Recreation Equipment
Yard / Garage Sales

Submit Ad Form: Ads run for 90 days then must be resubmitted.  
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Word ads are FREE to LCO Dialup & Email Only Customers for their Personal Property ONLY!

All other ads: A fee of $6.00 per ad, per category must be received prior to the ad being posted. Include a copy of your ad and contact phone number with payment. Mail your payment to Mercury Network Corporation, P.O. Box 278, Boydton, VA 23917-0278

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Mercury Network Corporation does not assume any legal or financial responsibility for products, services or other things advertised through the Mercury Network Corporation. All liability for transactions remain solely with advertisers and/or buyers or sellers. Advertisers are responsible for their contents and claims. All Rights, Restrictions and Disclaimers Apply.

Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for questionable or illegal content. We also reserve the right to refuse or edit an Ad that is over the stated maximum size of 700 characters. Ads run for the stated duration, after which the ad will be removed unless notified otherwise.

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